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VR Educate provides fully immersive virtual reality education experience to help educate students of all ages, races and segments! We bring the VR knowledge to all students.

“Time and again, it’s been said that if one doesn’t master new technology, one becomes its slave. Today, VR (Virtual Reality) is upon us. It promises to advance the human kind in realms of training, learning, games and beyond. In education, schools must take the lead to promote VR. Imagine, if everyone is already on wheels, and you are still on foot... Students cannot be left behind.”
Lanny Albina Huang, Chairman & CEO, VR Educate
World VR content

World VR content

The best of the world's VR content that covers a full range of subjects including History, Geography, Biology, Math, Medicine, Astronomy, Science, Art, Travel and Physics with Imaginative engaging and fun manner, which will inspire a new hunger for learning.



An explosive growth of the VR market is reflected in the surge of companies including zSpace, Alchemy VR and immersive VR education solely dedicated to providing schools with packaged educational curriculum and content, teacher training and tech tools to support VR-based instruction in the classroom. Myriad articles, studies and conference presentations attest to the great success of 3D immersion and VR technology in classrooms in educationally progressive schools and learning labs in the US and Europe.

VR education's impact

VR education's impact

  • Visualize and manipulate things that you cannot see in the real world
  • Take on different perspectives
  • Visualize 3D concepts
  • Interact in real time
  • Explore dangerous situations
  • Present realistic or abstract scenarios
  • Promote different learning styles and teaching methods
A new way of education

A new way of education

In other areas of education, many classes have used VR tools to collaboratively construct architectural models, recreations of historic or natural sites and other spatial renderings. Instructors have used VR technology to engage students in topics related to literature, history and economics by offering deeply immersive sense of place and time, whether historic or evolving.


VR content genres



being part of the virtual world


stereoscopic, immersive, 180 and 360 degree


positional audio, dolby atmos and 7.1


haptic and force feedback


Lanny HuangMs. Lanny Huang is the CEO of VR Educate, she carries an impressive resume spanning over 28 years across Asian media, including program management for MGM Asia, HKTVB, HK's PCCW, HK's Hutchison (HGC) and HK Cable TV; consulted for USA's Movielink, Korea's SK Telecom (TCC) and Malaysia's Astro TV; and as President of Yes TV Asia.

Ms. Lanny Huang was awarded “Female Entrepreneur of the Decade” by MediaZone 2016.
Her company PGTV was received MediaZone's 2015/2016 Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies Service Award for “Most Trusted Cable, Television and Wireless Content Solutions”.
Ms. Lanny Huang was awarded the Korea Trade Agency's KOTRA Award in 2011.